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Elizabeth Fuss Arnott, SPHR  I have been working in Human Resources for 23 years. Since 2011, I have been certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).  I have a BA in English and a Master of Jurisprudence in Labor and Employment Law from Tulane Law School. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband Luke and our cat, Poirot. I write about HR, non-profits, the art of managing people and Neurodiversity in the workplace. I'm available for employment, contract work, consulting, coaching and training virtually and in the Portland, OR area. Please email me at for more information. 

  • Writer's pictureElizabeth Arnott, SPHR

Our Generations Are Not That Different

"Gen Z wants prompt responses, transparency and regular communication!" "Millennials want flexible work arrangements and to have purpose in their work!"

This may be a surprise, but these are things that ALL PEOPLE want. The only difference is that younger generations speak out about what they need and want with more freedom.

We don't need to shake our heads and say "Kids these days!" while we grumble about what they are "demanding." We need to focus on providing work with meaning, being transparent, communicating promptly and frequently and being flexible when we can. We are all part of the same human race. Let's treat everyone with the same respect and consideration.

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