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Helping employees and employers work together
for extraordinary results using compassionate
accountability and trauma-informed HR practices.



As an experienced Human Resources professional, I can provide coaching, consulting and training in a variety of HR areas to help you be the best employer you can be, while being compliant and adaptable to employees with unique needs and skills, creating an environment that brings out the best in your employees at all levels. 

Workplace Neurodiversity Planning and Support

Compassionate Accountability 

Trauma-Informed HR 

Collaborative Labor Relations

Non-Profit HR Management

Equity, Belonging, Inclusion and Diversity in HR Practices

On-Call and Scheduled Employee Job Coaching

Manager Coaching

Human Resources Strategy 

Conflict Resolution

HR Department Rehab



 Expertise and Experience


With experience in a wide variety of industries over the past 25 years, I have consulted in Human Resources for both small and large companies, non-profit and for-profit.  I have worked in jobs across the spectrum of Human Resources, as a contributor to an HR team, an HR-Department-of-One, and a leader of a thriving team. Because of the depth of my experience, I understand the struggles of day-to-day HR management, as well as the strategic and practical issues that arise as organizations grow. (Elizabeth Arnott, Resume)


I specialize in building, re-building and strengthening the HR departments for non-profits. I use trauma-informed HR practices and compassionate accountability to ensure long-term success for all. I use my personal experience as a neurodivergent employee to ensure inclusion and compassion in all approaches. I understand the needs of both the employee and the manager, and strive to bring them together for exceptional results based on the strengths of each individual. My approachable demeanor and candid communication have proven to be catalysts in successfully bringing people together in compromise, conflict resolution and solutions to workplace problems. I have a pragmatic approach to processes and procedures and implement efficient and effective methods. 


I have been certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) since 2011. I have a BA in English and graduated with a Master of Jurisprudence in Labor and Employment Law from Tulane University Law School. I reside in the Pacific Northwest with my husband Luke, and our cat Poirot. 

Expertise and Experience
HR Department Rehab

Develop Your Employees


Whether it's a scheduled coaching session or on-call job coaching as needed, I can help your employee respond appropriately and professionally to feedback, problem-solve issues with co-workers, and approach workplace problems in a productive way.


Build Up Your Managers' Skills


Managers have to adapt to the many different communication styles, learning styles and abilities of their employees.  I can help your managers focus on their employees' strengths and utilize those strengths for the benefit of your employee, your manager and your business.

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Fix Your HR Department


Invest in a thorough audit of your HR department processes, procedures, strengths and weaknesses.  Build trust and confidence with your employees.  I can lead you through the process step-by-step to rebuild your HR department from top to bottom, reducing turnover, improving workplace culture and strengthening your bottom line.

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"As an organizational leader, Elizabeth excels at building partnerships by promoting trust and collaboration, provides clear and objective advice and feedback, and is exceptionally thoughtful and conscious of impacts and outcomes that decisions have within the human resources team that she developed, the organization, and externally for the community that we served."

- SL, Associate Director

San Francisco, CA

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